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Donors and Members

Our Friends

Through your kind support and generosity, we are able to provide important programs and services to our community in our small but mighty,

Highwood Library & Community Center.


Join this amazing team of donors and Donate today, or fill out the Contact Form to learn how you can help! 

Thank You to our Supporters

Club 365 - $365 Annually

Hamilton Family

Piper and Caroline Mead

Gayle Meyers

Winchester Family

Business Level - $250+

ABL Group

Bent Fork Bakery

Partner Level - $100+

Janell and Jerry Cleland

Marcia Denberg

Lucy and Jim Hospodarsky

Sante Franchini

Linda Illes

Paul Martinez

Jennifer Pearson

Martin Rosenthal

Sarah Topal

Family Level - $30+

Sid & Lois Barnwell

Anthony Bilotti

Joel Chmara

Dan Ciancio

Janet Garcia

Kristi Winchester

Individual Level - $20

Michele Barkley

Catherine Regalado

Eileen Washburn

Student Level - $10

Amanda King

Gabriela Munoz

Grant Thompson

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