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Donantes y Contribuyentes

Coautores de nuestro próximo capítulo

A través de su amable apoyo y generosidad, podemos escribir el próximo capítulo de la historia de nuestra biblioteca como un ancla comunitaria para Highwood.


¡Únase a este increíble equipo de donantes y done hoy, o complete el formulario de contacto para saber cómo puede ayudar!


State of Illinois Construction Challenge Grant

$250,000 - $499,999

John and Kathleen Schreiber Family Foundation

Anonymous Donor

$100,000 - $249,999

Diana and David Moore

Gorter Family Foundation

$50,000 - $99,999

Abbott Laboratories

Packaging Corporation of America

$25,000 - $49,999

Anonymous Donor

Beth and Bruce Boyd

$10,000 - $24,999

The Grainger Foundation

Eddie Goldman

Cindy and Andy Hamilton

Jason Muelver and Jenny Lauth Charitable Fund

Glasser and Rosenthal Family Foundation

Lucy and Jim Hospodarsky

Prue and Frank Beidler

Highland Park Community Foundation

Modestus Bauer Foundation

Monette and Craig Leva

Leslie and Greg Apter

Liz and Greg Kelly

Betsy and David Brint

Sally Schwartz

The Leshin Family

The Pattis Family Foundation

$5,000 - $9,999

Expedia Group

Anonymous Donor

North Shore Gas Community Fund

Sante and Mary Louise Franchini

Bank of Highwood - Fort Sheridan

Janell and Jerry Cleland


Gayle and Bill Meyers

Martin Rosenthal (In memory of Jodi Rosenthal)

$2,500 - $4,999

Tina and Frank Ventura Charitable Fund

Anonymous Donor

Jill and Tim Cunniff

Lynda Erf

Christ Church of Lake Forest

Ali and Dan Wertheimer

$1,000 - $2,499

Barbara G. and Steven Lippai Charitable Fund

Nancy and David Napalo

Laura and Ira Singer

Patti and Michael Frazin

Josie and Stuart Hamilton

First Bank of Highland Park

Susan and Anthony Blumberg

Wendy and Art Kessler

Jack Schuler

Ellen and Jim Stirling

$500 - $999

Jenny and Peter Meyerhoff

Elaine Affinito

Jay Freedman

Whitney Hovan-Lee

Ann and Ron Riebock

Patricia and Paul Krause

Gillian Growdon

Tracy and Dave Tolmie

Holly Kerr

Joanne Sarasin

Beverly and Joe Raudabaugh

$250 - $499

Maria Bengtson

Tom and Michelle Koulentes

Ernie Reinstein

Cristina and Bennett Lasko

Derek and Marcie Faust

Michael Warsh

Juliana Schafer

Shoshana Buchholz

Paul Martinez

Linda Muskin

Julie and David Baum

Larry Field

Howard Friedman

Linda and Wayne Goldstein

$50 - $249

Carol Louise and Henry Kohn

Tom Gilbertson

Joseph Ross

Judy and Bill Lolli

Eric and Kim Ephraim

Louise Hospodarksky

Bonny and Harvey Gaffen

Sarah Topal

Regina Lind

Maureen and Jeff Miller

Trevor DeSilva

Carolyn and Dru Kuperman

David Borovsky

Krista and Jim Hanson

Christine and Gregory Kaefer

Jessica and Charlie Pecaro

Lois and Sid Barnwell

Catherine Regalado

Carol and Tom O'Donnell

Janine and Brad VanVark

Amy Waickman

Anne and Eric Twadell

Suzanne Boren

David Neighbours

Fort Sheridan Historical Society

Jaime Rhum

Diane Cleland

Lil and Barry Bolek

Melissa and Chad Feldman

Silvia Schneider Fox

Joan Bergman

Cheryl and David Auerbach

Stanton Miller

Justin Cleland

Steven and Jodi Wirt

Elizabeth and Chris Keys

Cindy and Tom Sakos

Amy Engers

Carol Madock

Ellyn Ruhlmann

Michelle and Neal Gallo

Lynn and Gailen Hull

Richard Mentzinger

Eileen Carruthers
Ruth Kelly

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